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Pre-Small Business Saturday Sale!

As a small business owner, I know how difficult it is to compete with the “big box stores.” They have large marketing and advertising budgets while the small business owners struggle to stay afloat and have tiny marketing and advertising budgets, if they have a budget for this at all. So this first blog post celebrates small business by offering a storewide sale from now through November 30, 2019.

DIVA Custom Laser Adornments is offering 10% OFF all items on our website, including custom orders. You need to make a minimum purchase of $20 and the coupon can be used an unlimited amount of times between now and the 30th. All you need to do is apply coupon code 84DQZHXN during checkout to receive 10% off your entire purchase.

No items are excluded from this sale.

Purchasing from small businesses gives you an advantage over the big box stores. Items are unique — only one or a few are produced. The big box stores carry hundreds of the same items. You are significantly more likely to see a gift you buy from one of the big box stores in a multitude of other people’s possession. Small businesses give you personalized service. Your questions are often answered by the business owner themselves — someone who has intricate knowledge of each and every product they sell. You are not relying on a customer service department often not even located in the country in which the business resides. Most importantly, the products you purchase are manufactured by hand with care and not mass produced by machines.

Consider supporting small business by purchasing from only small businesses this holiday season. And when the holidays are over, continue support small business with your purchases. You won’t regret your decision to work with the “little guy”.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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