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The Direct Influence & Vision of my Ancestors enables me to create unique, laser cut and engraved adornments…

DIVA Custom Laser Creations was born to create beautiful adornments, home decor, gifts, awards, and more while honoring the Ancestors. By using my creative vision, hand drawn designs, and today’s cutting tools to fabricate the pieces that make up the products you find on this website, I perpetuate the time-honored skill of “handmade” passed down to me by the Ancestors.

The Ancestors used their hands to make what they needed to adorn themselves as well as the items they needed for day-to-day living. Influenced by their skill and creative vision, I use my hands to create adornments, necessities, decor, gifts, and more. They used the tools at their disposal — a sharp cutting instrument and raw materials — to fashion their items. In their footsteps, I do the same — utilizing a laser engraver (my “sharp cutting instrument”) to fashion raw materials such as wood and leather in order that I may assemble these adornments with my own hands.

In this world of “must have it now” I cannot afford to hand cut products. I employ the use of a fast cutting and engraving machine, but everything else is done by hand — my designs and their final production. DIVA Custom Laser Adornments attempts to use environmentally friendly materials (hardwood, plywood, leather, etc.). However, some items are made from and/or include acrylic, and our stencils are made from mylar.

The large majority of the adornments found here are customizable. Fonts, names, quotes… Purchase the perfect adornment, home decor items, gifts and more! And for those of you, like me, who don’t have a “common” name and can never find your name on mass produced trinkets (e.g., key chains, bag tags, jewelry), look no further. If the adornments you select are customizable, DIVA Custom Laser Adornments can put whatever name you desire on your selected products.

Adorn yourself, your home, and your friends through gift giving from the virtual shelves of DIVA Custom Laser Adornments. You will be so happy that you didn’t settle for what you could find on the (big box) store shelves!

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