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Wine and Design

Have you ever attended or wanted to attend a traditional “paint and sip” event? Have you hosted or thought about hosting your own?

Well, Wine and Design is a twist on traditional paint and sip event…

At a paint and sip you are presented with a blank canvas. The facilitator then proceeds to guide you through a painting process where you follow along. You are also sometimes encouraged to do your own thing. Often, many people are intimidated by the blank canvas. Especially those who have never painted before or those who feel they don’t have any artistic ability.

With Wine and Design, we take the blank canvas away.

You are presented with a template to paint, reminiscent of your childhood days coloring a page in a coloring book. Each participant receives an approximately 10 inch wood circle on which a design has been engraved. All you need to do is pick some colors and fill it in — except we use paint instead of crayons and colored pencils. The participants also receive their name cut out in wood to finish off the work once the painting is complete. Here’s an example:

You start with this engraved mandala. The wood has been prepped to accept the paint gloriously without having to prime the surface.

Next, you paint the mandala to your liking. Although each participant receives the same mandala, each one will come away with a unique design. It’s a matter of color choice and how those colors are patterned within the mandala.

Once the paint has dried, you apply your name to the finished painting with a few drops of crazy glue. Viola! You have a personalized wall hanging, painted with your own hands and complete with your name. (Table stands are available at an additional charge.)

But that’s not all you get…

Wine and Design is constructed to be more than a paint and sip event. We start out with a meditation circle — a group guided meditation to clear the participants’ mind of the stress, worry, and confusion that we all carry daily. We ask our inner child to show up; to be present with her/his crayons and allow our creativity to flow. This helps to relax the group and allow a true unwinding to occur during your event. The circular wood and the “circle” of a mandala will be a forever reminder of our time spent together circled in meditation and release during this special event. That’s the purpose of hosting the social gathering after all, right? Time to unwind…

It’s as easy as that! DIVA Custom Laser Adornments supplies the engraved piece, the name cut outs, and the paint, brushes and glue to complete it. We also supply the refreshments for the group at no extra charge. All you need to supply is a group of at least 5 friends, the location for your Wine and Design event, and the tables and chairs needed for the participants to paint.

This is an excellent fundraising event!

Raise funds for any cause or organization you desire. The only requirement for fundaisers is that the group must be a minimum of 10 people. The fundraising organizer receives a discount from DIVA Custom Laser Adornments for materials and supplies. You then set your own price for the event, which allows you full control over the amount of funds you raise. Two discount options are available: 1) we supply the refreshments, or 2) you supply the refreshments. If you would like to host a Wine and Design fundraising event, simply go to our Shop and add the Wine and Design product to your cart, selecting “Fundraiser” in the option dropdown box.

To host a Wine and Design social gathering, visit our Shop and choose the Wine and Design product. Select the design you would like for your event. (This is a zero dollar item created to collect necessary information to setup your event. Payment is required to secure your date.) Ensure that you note your name, e-mail address, telephone number, anticipated number of attendees, and desired event date in the “Order notes” box on the checkout page. DIVA Custom Laser Adornments will then create a private custom listing in our Shop where you can send your guests to purchase their seat for your event. We will e-mail you the URL and password that will be required to gain access to purchase. Participants will supply us with the name they would like to have cut out for their finished wall hanging and checkout. Once your private listing has 5 paid participants, we will e-mail you to confirm the date, time, and location of your event, along with a deadline to purchase. The deadline is necessary in order to give us adequate time to engrave and cut out all of the necessary supplies for your group.

We look forward to having a great Wine and Design event with you and your friends! Questions? Please e-mail us at

Please make sure you click on the main Fundraisers link on the menu bar to read about other fundraising options we offer.

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